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Prayer Requests

5/8/2018 Willa from Fresno requested prayer:

Dear Lord, give me favors & grace, mercy, blessings, wisdom, & guidance for my career; help me pass probation & transfer to CVICU, receive good recommendations for AGACNP; get good eval from E. let me find favors in the eyes of GL, TT, CMC at NTI & be admitted to GL, TT. Dear Lord, give me divine protection for my career & safe trip to Boston; secure my job, open the supernatural door to CVICU for me & no one can shut. Dear Lord, Show your glory, power and miracle. Thank you Lord. I plead the blood of Jesus. Amen.

5/7/2018 Paul from Spring Valley requested prayer:

My name is Paul, and I work in education sales. My job is to schedule & attend with our corporate sponsors 8 events monthly. And, I'm not doing well in this month. I need a miracle or I will be fired soon. Please pray God blesses me in my job by meeting my sales goals.

5/1/2018 Zenia from Concord requested prayer:

Please pray for my daughter Faye's peace of mind. That this guy she met at the hospital for a brief moment will stop bothering her mentally because it is affecting her mental and physical health.. Also please pray that her anxiety will go away completely now and always. Thank you and God bless you all.

4/30/2018 Ms. T.A. from San Jose requested prayer:

Please agree with me in prayer for favor on my job. Also, I am believing the Lord for harvest on my charitable giving. I am believing the Lord that my supervisor be removed from being over me. She has been very cruel to me for no reason.

4/24/2018 Todd from Modesto requested prayer:

First, I need to thank KAMB for praying over my request I sent in about a week ago. I have definitely noticed the difference during my devotional time with the Lord. I ask for prayers for all of us that our love would not wax cold in these end times. Thanks again to KAMB for the prayers, and to the Lord for the answers to them. May God bless us, and bind what troubles us, and keep us from harm, in Jesus' name. Amen.

4/24/2018 A visitor requested prayer:

Thank you for uniting with me in prayer. God with His GPS knows where my we all are. As a point of contact He locates me and my requests, and knows the little details:

Always! Salvation for my son and his little girls, lifetime hedge of protection and favor around them along with directing their steps to their Godly purpose.

As for myself, secure my new living arrangement, on Dublin Street in California, God knows where - will be paying my rent on the 1st and there after, every month, may all go smoothly with rental payment and rental itself, secure it for at least a year until I can find a long term home or living arrangement. Cover me withe the Blood of Jesus, surround this home with angels and keep the peace. Eventually give me my own home where I will never have to worry or go through homelessness again.

Secure my part time job as I continue to look for second job, meanwhile as God locates my long term permanent employer where I can retire. Or what ever it is You have for me Lord God. Maybe self employment entepenuership. Last, process my skincare license successfully without hold or glitches as I do every two years.

Clear all debt. Resolve legal matters and settlements this year. Direct my steps on what to do and what school online for JD program and the finances for it.
Renew me like the eagle and bring unspoken request to my front door this summer.

4/22/2018 A visitor from Modesto requested prayer:

My 14 year old daughter is confused about her gender & "identifies as a boy". She insists on being called a boy name and "he" & "him". She struggles with depression and cutting. She has grown up in the church and my heart is breaking that she is believing the enemy's lies.

4/21/2018 TJ from Dallas requested prayer:

Praying for God to soften and convict Dearins heart to release All unforgiveness, bitterness, anger and hurts of his past. Praying for God to heal his soul and restore a forgiving and loving heart of compassion and restore broken family relationships, especially with our son Leland. Praying for a positive breakthrough today. In Jesus name. Amen!

4/20/2018 Nolberto from Escalon requested prayer:

Please pray for my dad Nolberto. He suffered a second stroke. We pray that he make a full recovery, may he be able to talk again and pray that he may walk again. Thank you, and with lots of Love,

The Moreno family.

4/19/2018 Tom requested prayer:

Please pray that God will reconcile Tom and Amy to one another so they can continue the love they share for each other, thank you for your prayers....

4/15/2018 Ron from Austintown Ohio requested prayer:

Please pray Jesus changes me and that I don't have AIDS or HIV or any disease.

4/11/2018 Rich from Fresno requested prayer:

Salvation for Zach in Fresno Hospital with pancreatic cancer. May Your Spirit Lord draw Zach to you that he may confess you as LORD and ask for sin to be forgiven through Jesus Our LORD

4/10/2018 Elizabeth requested prayer:

Praying for financial blessings for enough funds for our barn construction. Also, praying for a job offer from a senior living facility very soon. I ask in the name of Jesus. Amen

4/8/2018 A visitor requested prayer:

I unite with my prayer partners and lift my prayer requests with them and theirs too, God knows what they are:

Fervent prayer for this room rental; secure it and my time there, for as long as possible until I can move into a permanent home of my own or where ever God and what ever He has for me. In the mean time allow me to feel that I have home security as I pay the rental monthly. Keep the peace with the owner and her children. Although I am never home. Also a lot of prayer for finances and secure my part time job at a dept store near by. Am looking for a second job as a full time and somewhere where I may retire. This is very important and imminent since I have no one, no help, and a mature female at fifty it is more difficult. Keep me in your prayers please. Cover myself with the Blo od of Jesus. Break all curses, spirits, generational things. Direct my steps Lord.

4/3/2018 David from Fresno requested prayer:

Prayer please that if it is God's Will, He would show me today or tomorrow that He will bring my ex girlfriend back to me.

3/26/2018 Phyllis from Coalinga requested prayer:

I need a lot of prayers of protection for my life and that of my child as we are being stalked and lied against falsely by these stalkers that hack my phone calls, computers and tvs saying they are me. For our identities and I need God here now along with stealing our finances.

3/25/2018 Jay requested prayer:

Lord Jesus Christ my savior and my God, send me an angel to protect me from any disease or virus that can destroy my life and good plan. I really need your blessing and miracle for my upcoming medical result that I've been waiting for. Lord Jesus you know how much I love my whole family and I want them to be happy for my success. Forgive me for all my sins. Goodness and mercy shall me all the days of my life and I'll dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Thank you.. In Jesus name Amen

3/20/2018 Eugenia from Stockton requested prayer:

Please pray for the lost to be saved.


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