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KAMB Weekly Update

KAMB’s Weekly Update

Who are Those Guys?

Jack and Chris

Next week, KAMB kicks off our Spring fundraising Celebration centered around the theme, Your Story, His Glory. If that sounds a little familiar, you may recognize it as the new single from singer/songwriter Matthew West, who will be one of our guests during this fundraiser. But you may not know two other voices who’ll be on the air with Brandon, Dave, Mark, and Tim. Say hello to Jack (on the left) and Chris (on the right).

Meet Jack Robertson

Jack is the Manager and Morning Show Host at Renew 96.9 in Magee, MS. Jack is no stranger to radio, having served at various stations for nearly 34 years. He’s a huge fan of KAMB and a former host of KAMB fundraisers in years gone by. Jack believes that local radio is the way to go as it best serves the community it reaches. He and his wife, Teresa, have two grown children and a menagerie of animals including dogs, cats, cows, goats, and a donkey. Says Jack, “I’m thrilled to be coming back to KAMB. The station truly embraces the people residing in the Central Valley and Central Coast. The KAMB team is dedicated to serve well and ensure that those who listen and connect with the station will see and experience Jesus and the life he invites each person to live.”

Meet Chris Lemke

After retiring as Station Manager of WCSG in Grand Rapids, MI, Chris connected with his good friends at KAMB, friends he’s known for better than two decades. He began working more closely with the station in August of 2021 as a coach and advisor to the team. Like Jack, Chris is a huge fan of KAMB and believes the station has great potential to be a significant influence for Christ in the Central Valley and Central Coast. Chris and his wife, Sue, have six children, five grandchildren, one dog and two cats. Chris commented, “Working with the team at KAMB reminds me how blessed their listening family is. The team is genuine, trusted, sincere, and humbled to serve those who tune in. I’m looking forward to being a part of something special that week.”

Share your Spring Gift by March 20th & have it Doubled

KAMB welcomes Jack and Chris, and we welcome you to join us next week, March 21-24, for KAMB’s on-air Spring Fundraiser, Your Story, His Glory. You’re invited to make a gift to KAMB even before the official start by clicking here. Know that your gift given by March 20 is worth twice as much, thanks to friends who are matching each gift dollar for dollar, up to $10,000! Thank you again for your generosity and for partnering with us to point the Central Valley and Central Coast to Jesus.


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