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Weekly Update - Winter

More To The Celebration

Christmas Festival of Music

KAMB’s Christmas Festival of Music is more than just music. It’s music with a message, the Message of Joy to the World! Now through this Friday, KAMB’s music features a mix of your familiar Christmas carols and favorites from our regular playlist.

On Saturday morning, December 3, KAMB goes 100% Christmas music all the way through the day after Christmas!

Along with our festival of music, we’ll hear from listeners like you, sharing short audio bites of Christmas memories and holiday traditions between the songs.

To get in the fun of blessing others, call and leave your comment on a favorite Christmas memory, tradition, or song at 1-877-664-1015.

Be sure to include your first name and the city from which you’re calling. You may want to rehearse your comments before calling as they’ll need to be no more than a minute in length.

KAMB is honored to share this Christmas Festival of Music with you, and with those who’ve yet to experience the true Joy and Love of our Heavenly Father who gave His Son, Jesus. Christmas music is a great way to introduce someone to KAMB, and as the Spirit leads, to the Savior himself. We can help. Simply, call us at 209.723.1015 or email us at kamb@celebrationradio.com and ask for KAMB “business” cards or bumper stickers to share. It’s a great way to introduce your friends, family, and your community to the real reason for the season.

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