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Morning Host
Brandon Kyle

Waking up to KAMB with Brandon Kyle

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Waking Up to KAMB

Hi! My name is Brandon Kyle and I am so very excited to be a part of the KAMB Family!
I felt a call on my life into ministry in 1992; Jesus became “Real” to me at that young age of twelve. I wasn’t sure how that call would direct my steps going forward, but I knew that I wanted to answer it with a resounding “YES, Lord!”

Growing up in a small town (a couple hours south of St. Louis, MO.) shaped me in many ways; my grandfather was a pastor for 40 years and my parents were very dedicated believers in Christ.

I was born eight weeks earlier than expected; my mom had been on bed rest for six weeks prior to that. The prognosis wasn’t very optimistic. I grew up with the challenges of Cerebral Palsy, but God used each one to mold me into who He desired me to become.

Brandon's Family

God gave me my wife and we married in 2004. We have lived “most” of our years together in northern California. I do have some stories that come along with that “most”…but they will be for another day.

We have four children and three “Grand” kiddos. What a blessing they have been “most” of their lives! There is that word again… and yes, I have more stories that come with that “most” as well.
I look forward to getting to know you and our community while we keep each other company in the mornings!

I challenge you… Make the “MOST” of everyday that God gives you!