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Andy Fox with Rick Warren
Andy Fox

Andy Fox
Sat-Sun Mornings

Andy Fox

The Weekend Morning Show with Andy Fox

Saturday & Sunday 6am - 10am

About me

Since 1988 I have traveled throughout the country working at various sports broadcast venues. I accepted the Lord in 1992 at a little non-denominational church in Cincinnati.  I knew then that God wanted me to use my skills to glorify Him!

I enjoy attending Christian concerts and volunteering where needed. Since having my own production company I get to minister with music and assist Christian start-up groups with a video or music recording for free to get them started in ministry.

I started in radio with Easy Listening Music (Elevator Music) and after falling asleep on air in the middle of Frank Sinatra’s, “Strangers in the Night,” I was determined to play Christian music. Working at both secular and Christian stations gives me the outreach I could not do in person: blessing people around the world with God’s Word in a song.

After listening to Celebration Radio over the internet I knew I had to be a part of that. Calling KAMB and volunteering to host a shift, and getting the Weekend Morning Drive has been the biggest blessing to date. This old Boston boy just has to remember how to pronounce Merced!

I am a real fan of Hawaii and love to take photos there, let me share a little with you.

My photography

brown and gray SLR camera on white surface


I enjoy photographing the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

It's a great way to enjoy God's creation!

Let's celebrate each weekend together!