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Guest Speaker: Ron Nelson

4/29 - 5/1/2022

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes has been challenging coaches and athletes to use the powerful medium of athletics to impact the world for Jesus Christ!

Guest Speaker: William Van Tassell

4/22 - 4/24/2022

Listen in to host, Dave Benton discuss the upcoming men's event by 222 Two Ministries with William Van Tassel

Guest Speaker: Pastor Frank Erb

4/9 - 4/10/2022

Listen in to the insight that Pastor Frank Erb shares with host, Dave Benton.  Frank serves as Pastor to the State Capitol and offers a unique perspective on happenings at the state level.

Guest Speaker: Annette Macias

3/11 - 3/13/2022

Love INC of greater Merced director, Annette Macias discusses the upcoming fundraiser that will have an impact in our hometown of Merced with host, Dave Benton.

Guest Speaker: New Life Community Church, Turlock


Human trafficking remains a prevalent and heartbreaking problem that our world faces.  Our local communities are not immune to the affects.  A New Life Church representative discusses the issue with host, Dave Benton.

Guest Speaker: Anthony Presto

7/23 - 7/25

Our valley air continues to be impacted by wildfires and air pollution in general.  Anthony Presto, the Air Quality Education Representative discusses the issue with host, Dave Benton.

Guest Speaker: Mike Conway

6/18 - 6/20/21

Hear one last time from retiring Senior Management Analyst and friend of KAMB, Mike Conway as he reflects on his time of service in Merced city management.

Guest Speaker: Bruce Metcalf

4/23 - 4/25/21

Listen to Bruce Metcalf, the executive director of the Merced County Rescue Mission discuss the new homeless center in Merced.

Guest Speaker: Dale Trujillo

4/17 - 4/18

Listen in as Dave discusses "Jesus Comes to Jingle Town" with author Dale Trujillo

Guest Speaker: Mayor Matt Serratto and City Manager, Stephanie Deitz

4/16 - 4/18/21

Mayor Matt Serratto and City Manager, Stepahnie Deitz Talk about the homeless issu in Merced and surrounding areas

Guest Speaker: Bruce Metcalf

4/4 - 4/6/21

Bruce Metcalf gives an update on the Merced County Rescue Mission efforts to meet the growing homeless count in Merced.

Guest Speaker: Joyce Cortez

3/20 - 3/21/21

Joyce Cortez discusses her book, "For His Glory", her story of coming to faith in Jesus Christ

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