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Submit your
Day Sponsor Script

Script Ideas

As a Day Sponsor, YOU can dedicate a day on KAMB to celebrate and honor a spouse, friend, or loved one, for any reason or to mark any occasion.  We would also love for you to tell others how God has impacted your life through KAMB!

If you are having trouble writing your script, click here for some ideas!


  • You have 40 seconds for your portion of the recorded message.  This is approximately 7 lines of text.  
  • Your script will be reviewed and possibly edited. Then the final script will be emailed to you by the Day Sponsor Coordinator.
  • The Day Sponsor program is NOT a platform for advertising.  We will not air any script that has a call-to-action for your business or non-profit on this program.

Recording Options

  • Request a KAMB on-air Host to record on your behalf.
  • Record your message on the KAMB website. A link will be sent to you upon approval of your script.
  • Record your message on your cell phone recording app and email it to the Day Sponsor Coordinator.
  • Schedule a time to come into the KAMB Studios to record on-site. Contact the Day Sponsor Coordinator.


Please submit your Day Sponsor script in writing 4-5 weeks before your air date.

Please type or insert your Day Sponsor script below exactly as you plan to record it to play on air.
Your recording slot is a maximum of 40 seconds which tranlates to about 7 lines of text.
Please choose your preferred Recording Option:
You will recieve an email after your final script is approved and we will discuss the recording option you selected above.