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The Artists whose songs we play on Celebration Radio KAMB share their testimony of faith in Jesus Christ through their music.

Austin French and Jesus Can

Austin French

KAMB is all about sharing God-honoring music with our listeners. Today, we have the opportunity to tell you about Austin French and his latest single, Jesus Can.

Austin French

Austin French has been a familiar voice at KAMB since he released “Freedom Hymn” a few years ago. Before the success of his musical career, though, French was a young boy struggling to understand the truth about Jesus. French grew up in a home surrounded by Christians and regularly attended church. However, despite his exposure to Christianity, he hated anything to do with it. On the About page at his website, French says, “Our family was the family that pretended to be perfect on Sunday but was falling apart behind closed doors.” Due to such conflicting behavior at home, French associated all Christians with that hypocrisy. Everything changed when he was 13 and attended a church music camp. While there, he repeatedly heard the message, “Don’t judge Jesus on the broken people He came to save.” Since then, French has dedicated his musical talents to serving God.

In 2014, French participated in ABC’s singing TV show Rising Star. After the show ended, he pursued a career in CCM. French spent a few years working on his music and writing while also developing his ministry. During this time, he signed a record deal with Fair Trade Services and released his debut single in 2017. The single, “Freedom Hymn”, quickly climbed the Billboard charts and attracted lots of attention. A year later, French’s first album followed and also ranked highly on the Billboard charts. Today, French continues to create joyful worship songs about God’s love and grace. His latest hit is his new song Jesus Can.

Jesus Can

Jesus Can is Austin French’s joyful anthem about the transformative power of Jesus Christ. The song begins by describing some of the pain French faced as a child. He battled with fear, uncertainty, and heartbreak as he navigated a life of tension at home. Through these opening lyrics, French draws us into his story and later invites us to reflect on our own in the following verse. Wrapped around all of these heartbreaking realities, though, is the truth of God’s love and redemption. For every hurt, sorrow, and fear, God can—and does—provide an answer: Jesus.

Our God sees us for who we are, and He meets us where we are. Even more, He leads us out of our chains and into His freedom. Unlike self-help books and motivational quotes, Jesus removes the burden from us and delivers us Himself. In fact, because of how powerful French knows Jesus’ message to be, he’s decided to write a book based on the ideas in this song. No matter how hopeless a situation may seem, Jesus Can.

I’m an artist whose life has been radically saved through a very desperate situation…. That’s the goal of the book and this song, to share my history and my story. When you think you can’t make it out, Jesus can make a way.

Austin French, About page at austinfrenchmusic.com

Austin French – Jesus Can (Official Lyric Video)

Check out the lyric video for Jesus Can by clicking on the link below!


Picture this, an eight year old kid growing up in Georgia
Having a hard time with the world that he was seeing
Coming home from school
Scared to death and always wondering
What kind of mood his dad would be in
That kind of home can do a number on you
Mom and dad broke up, and I guess I broke too
I grew up thinking nothing good could ever come
From a story like mine
But who turns a broken dream
Into a life redeemed?
Who can turn your worst defeat
Into your victory?
Who saw me where I was
And led me where I stand?
My life is living proof that only Jesus can
Everybody's got that hurt they wished that never happened
Everybody's got that pain they wish they could undo
But wounds become scars and scars become stories
And when it comes to the story of you
Who turns a broken dream
Into a life redeemed?
Who can turn your worst defeat
Into your victory?
Who saw me where I was
And led me where I stand?
My life is living proof that only Jesus can
Only Jesus can save me
Only Jesus can change me
Only Jesus can take me
From lost to found
Hallelujah, I'm singing
There's no stealing my freedom
He picked up all the pieces
Look at me now
Who turns a broken dream
Into a life redeemed?
Who can turn your worst defeat
Into your victory?
Who saw me where I was
And led me where I stand?
My life is living proof that only Jesus can
Oh (ooh, ooh)
Oh, thank You, Jesus (ooh, ooh)
Come on
Only Jesus can save me (ooh)
(Only Jesus can change me)
Only You can change me, Lord
(Only Jesus can take me) ooh
From lost to found
(Hallelujah, I'm singing)
(There's no stealing my freedom)
There ain't no stealing my freedom
My life is living proof that only Jesus can


Life offers all of us a lot of ups and downs as we go about our business. At times, the crush of our problems and the pain in our circumstances leave us in a position of hopelessness. If you find yourself in such a desperate place, remember the promise of our Lord: He will never leave us or forsake us. Perhaps you can’t find a way out of your situation or a solution to your burdens, and that’s okay. Instead of focusing on everything you can’t do, lift your eyes to the promise that Jesus Can.

To hear more music by Austin French and songs like Jesus Can, keep your radio tuned into KAMB. If you need additional information about how to hear our station, check out our Ways to Listen and Where to Listen pages. God bless.

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John 14: 6 Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life in everything we face.

John 16:33 Jesus has overcome the world.

1 Corinthians 10:13 No temptation we face can overcome us because of God’s faithfulness and power in our lives.


To read more about Austin French’s life and music journey, check out his website here.

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