Sharathon is our special time to encourage you
to help strengthen this family-friendly, nonprofit ministry.

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Will you join us in asking the Lord to Open Up the Heavens?

Please make no mistake; this is no ordinary on-air fundraising event. It’s a call to action. We’re calling friends like you to give, listen and pray. We’re believing that God will hear us and He will open up the heavens, just like our theme song by Meredith Andrews says…

Open up the heavens, we want to see You
Open up the floodgates, a mighty river
Flowing from Your heart
Filling every part of our praise

Will you join us? The drought impacting the Central Valley is not only physical, it’s also a strong metaphor for the spiritual dryness and cultural indifference to God, His Word and His people. Perhaps, like never before, we need revival. When we pray, “open up the heavens” we’re talking about that, too!

Whatever your “drought” is, God loves you and wants to move on your behalf.
He wants to “open up the heavens” not just to end the drought, but to bring spiritual healing, new hope and joy to you and your family!

That’s why you are invited to be a part of an amazing event focusing on praise, prayer and changed lives.

Help us build our Sharathon Challenge Fund!

Our upcoming Sharathon will be a chance for you to step up and help increase the outreach of Celebration Radio. And to make the most of the opportunity, we are prayerfully asking for your help to build a Challenge Fund to help increase the number of call-in gifts during this live, on-air event to be held on Tuesday, September 23rd through Friday, September 26th.

Your Sharathon gift will be doubled because we'll use it to inspire other listeners to call in and match your gift live, on the air. Imagine listening and knowing you have helped strengthen the outreach of Celebration Radio and that you've made an impact on real people living right around you and your family!

Your Sharathon gift sent to KAMB by Monday, September 22nd, will change even more lives as part of our Challenge Fund by making the phones light up during our upcoming Sharathon.

You can donate a Monthly Gift or a Single Gift of any size.

You can also phone in your gift 1-877-664-1015.

Thank you, in advance for prayerfully sharing what you can, as God enables!