Prayer Requests


Please pray for these requests submitted by visitors to the website.
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4/11/2014 Sony requested prayer:

Please pray for us-that the business court case that is going on--is in our favor. Please pray that our business is saved and that our company does not go into winding up.Please keep our business and family in your daily prayers. Thank you. Praise the lord.

4/10/2014 Amy from Minneapolis requested prayer:

Pray for healing for C from his divorce. He is depressed and struggling. Pray he finds joy and happiness again. Also pray he opens his heart to the Lord.

3/18/2014 Katie from Waterford requested prayer:

Pray for my daughter - she's having dental work done this morning and they're putting her under just pray that it all goes well.

3/14/2014 Tess from Merced requested prayer:

Please pray for my health. My spiritual life. My work environment. I have been through some situations that have discouraged me. I'm trying to build my strength and faith in God. Pray also fora friend and his spiritual life. He has some challenges he is dealing with.

3/13/2014 Susanna shared a praise:

Praise Report! Greetings family in Christ. God is so good. The house is now about to go in escrow. Everything is going good. The hand of God is mighty and so powerful. Thank you all who prayed for us - please continue. We praise Him even in good times and when things don't look too good. Truth is when it's Gods will and not ours is when we see our mighty Father at work. Thank you Jesus for my soul loves you deeply. Let this blessing be unto you. To glorify your kingdom. Thank you all family in Christ. Love you all so much.

3/10/2014 Robert from Kingsland, Georgia requested prayer:

Would you pray that God would be with me? My daughter was killed by her husband, who was a pastor. Jesus said for me to forgive him and I am going to see him in-prison. Pray that God will bless all that day.

3/6/2014 Mary from Turlock requested prayer:

Please Pray for GODS Blessings to always have money to pay bills, buy food, and help others. I am so thankful to GOD for blessing us with jobs. We're just trying to get back on our feet after 2 years with no work and now my baby will be turning 16 and I want to give her a great birthday but can't so I am praying for a financial blessing to come my way. I am not asking for much. Please Pray GOD Blesses me financially.