KAMB Windows Stream Player Help

Thanks for using the KAMB Windows Stream Player! It is really simple to use.

http://www.celebrationradio.com/uploads/Controls.jpgThe player should start playing the KAMB stream automatically after you start the program. There are four controls associated with the player, the Play button (arrow icon), the Pause button (two vertical bars), the Mute/Unmute button, and the volume control slider. If the stream is playing, the Play button will have a light gray highlight. If you click Pause, the highlight will move to the Pause button.
http://www.celebrationradio.com/uploads/pause.jpgPause Button
The Pause button will pause the audio playback where it is, and will resume from where you stopped when you click Play. This is useful if you are listening to a talk program and you have to give your attention to something else, but you want to resume where you left off when you can come back to listen again.

One thing to note is that the longer you pause the audio the further behind you get in terms of the real-time audio stream. If you pause the audio for several minutes you may find that the "Now Playing" information is inaccurate. This is because the "Now Playing" function tracks what is playing in real time, and if you have paused playback for a while you will have to wait to hear what "Now Playing" is reporting. If you want to "catch up" to the real time live stream, just close the program and re-start it.
When you click "Mute", it simply turns the volume down to zero, but the stream is still going. This is handy if you have to take a phone call or someone needs to talk to you and you just want to quickly shut the audio off. Click "Unmute" to restore the volume.

Time Limit

You may see that there is a notice on the bottom of the player saying that the session will end at a certain time. We have built this 4 hour time limit into the program because online streaming is a costly thing and we wanted to make sure that if a user walked away from the player and forgot about it, the program would be able to shut itself off.

If you reach the limit and you still want to keep listening, the program will pop up a message box that will allow you to continue for another 4 hours if you respond. If you have gone away and find that the program has shut itself off, you can simply re-start the program.

You will also notice that there are some buttons that will open your web browser and take you to the appropriate page on the KAMB website if you would like to find out more about what you are hearing or seeing in the KAMB Windows Stream Playerapp.