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I enjoy listening to KAMB radio as I drive for a living. I drive from Clovis area to the Modesto area almost every day. I really enjoy the music 'cause it gives me a chance to worship God . The people who run this station really love the people of Valley and I am very blessed to have this station playing in my car. Thank you for all the encouraging music and the positive attitude you guys have each and everyday. May God bless this radio station and the people behind it. Thanks again. Matt M- Clovis, Ca.

Praise God! Thank you for letting me know that you are finally Online! Now I can have wonderful, uplifting music and programs in my car and here at my desk! I'll pass the word to others that I know that also enjoy your station.
Janet - Madera

YES! I'm so happy that you guys now offer web radio! I have been looking for it for AGES! Thankyou for your blessing in my life and those who you minister to.
Andrew - Modesto

I thank Jesus that he's put this station in my area. The Holy Ghost is in the midst of this station. Keep up the good work.
Ernie - Los Banos

I find this Station to be enlightening and gives me a since of well being. The music makes me feel good. Then I started listening to Focus on the Family. Now I have a preset for Celebration Radio in my work car, my personal car, and surf the website too. Talk about changing for the better! Thanks KAMB , I love what you are doing, I love what you are doing to me!
Jon - Atwater

There is no reason for anyone to not know Christ, because of the efforts of KAMB you can hear the gospel any time of the day!!
Jessica - Merced

I really love and enjoy your radio station, thanks for the great music and inspiration.
Michael - Mariposa

I love your station, what a GOD send you are, what a spiritual lift you provide. I live in Texas but fly to Fresno weekly, for the last 4 months, for work and I look forward to returning each week to tune in to KAMB. There is nothing like your station in San Antonio.
Lauren P. - San Antonio, TX

I am so grateful to have your station to listen to. You all are Jesus' hands and love reaching out and helping us hold on, bringing others peace in turbulent times. God bless and please use this to continue to carry His light.
Susan - San Andreas

I listen to KAMB every day. It's my main radio station when I am in my car or at home. I pray that KAMB does get to their needs and GOD BLESS THEM. The messages I receive on this station is helping me in my daily life and in my trials. I am in a lot of emotional pain but KAMB is always here for me. Thank you for such a wonderful station. We are blessed to have such an inspiring radio station. GOD BLESS.
Shivan - Ceres

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