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9/2/2014 Julie from Ceres requested prayer:

Tonight my son who is 7 & has Autism told me that a boy who sits @ his table at school said that he is going to shoot him. The boy said that my son talks too much & that he has a gun because he goes hunting with his dad.
Please pray for my son & the boy. I am thankful that my son was able to tell me this & that he was not shot. Please pray for God to be in charge now & always. I believe in the power of prayer!

8/28/2014 Julie from Ceres requested prayer:

Please pray for my son who has Autism. He is transitioning from having a tutor in the class to being on his own. School sees him differently than what we see daily. Please pray for God's will & for God to be in charge. We need wisdom for how to parent him so he can become independent. We have so much to be thankful for yet we struggle as well. It's so strange to have both feelings . Please pray for our parenting. We want him to know we love him for who he is yet we are always prompting him to make eye contact, respond to us or take action. It's exhausting. I want to cry sometimes but that won't make it better. Please pray for us all.
Thank You!

8/25/2014 Veronica from Fresno requested prayer:

Please help me in praying for my sister's friend who was recently involved in a car accident. He was unresponsive after the accident and is currently in sedation until his body fully recovers. Please help me in keeping his parents, girlfriend and close friends in prayer; that they turn to God in these difficult times and rest assured that God is watching over him and he will come out of this.
Also, I'm going through a split from an 8 year relationship and my anxiety has taken over and is interfering with my job and my life in general. Please pray that I can find that peace to continue and not give up. I left my whole life behind me, my house included and I am trying to start my life over. There are just times of doubt when I feel I will never get through this. I feel my faith slipping away. Please help me pray that I can open my heart and trust in God that I will be ok. Thank you.

8/24/2014 A Visitor requested prayer:

Pray for my job. Work environment is not good and have been mistreated and I don't know what to do. I've been in tears. I'm afraid to lose my job. I'm a single woman taking care of myself. I'm also searching for jobs pray that God will lead me.

8/14/2014 Jeanette from Fresno requested prayer:

Please pray for my daughter and her 2 girls that they will find a home. Due to a 6 year old debt her credit report does not allow her to pass the qualifications to rent an apt..Her apt manager is having all tenants move so apts will be fixed for foster kids. My daughter is a single part time worker, part time going to school working hard to support her girls. She is an Awesome mom and daughter. In Jesus name please pray that they find a safe home soon. Amen

8/11/2014 Felipe from Atwater requested prayer:

Ive been having a difficult time with my GF and her parents. Her parents believe I'm evil for the influence of others gossip. I have a past and I've made mistakes but God has forgiven me and I'm not the same. My girlfriend loves me and I would love to marry her someday but her parents hate me. I need a miracle from God. Not only to do something in her parents but in my heart as well. This has been going in for a while and I've received a lot of pain from it. Please help me pray. God bless.

7/24/2014 Susanna requested prayer:

Please stand with me my family in Christ. Addison is dealing with leukima. She is 5 years old. I thank God for complete healing in Jesus name Amen. Love you all and I'm also lifting all those who'd come in contact with me for answered prayers. God I thank you Father in Jesus Name. Amen

7/19/2014 Nate from Modesto requested prayer:

The Lord has recently called me to quit my job and pursue Him in Ventura California. All the odds are stacking against me but...the Lord is strong and mighty and He can and will open doors no man can shut. My prayers are that Jesus give me the wisdom to know and the courage to do, what He has called me to do.