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2/15/2013 Joni And Friends - Family Retreat Camp

Laura McGrew, Area Director of Joni & Friends International Disability Center in Fresno, talked about the Fresno office and its long reach throughout the central valley, including the city of Merced, helping the disabled and their families. She also shared information about the family retreat coming up in late March and how this helps not only the disabled but their caregivers as they share time together with other families.

Inside Look 2013 Laura McGrew
2/8/2013 Ski-A-Thon Fundraiser

Marci Boucher, Executive Director for the Society for Handicapped Children and Adults, informed listeners about her agency and also talked about the upcoming Ski-A-Thon Fundraiser on February 23rd in which major funds are raised for improving the lives of children and adults living with disabilities. Her agency helps many in Merced County as well.

Inside Look 2013 Marci Boucher
2/1/2013 Love INC of Greater Merced

Sherry Bright, Executive Director of Love INC of Greater Merced, shared how Love INC continues to help the less fortunate in communities throughout Merced County. She also informed listeners about the fundraising dinner for Love INC coming up in March. This dinner has raised 1/3 of the agency's financial needs for the year.

Inside Look 2013 Sherry Bright

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